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    • 07/03/2019
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      Brenda Bartolo
      Very professional, awesome staff, Dr Charlie Kahwagi makes you very comfortable and at ease, excellent work..highly recommend ...
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      L G
      As irony would have it, I currently work in a dental practice and as such have VERY high standards of the dental practitioners I see in a professional capacity. Dr Charlie was able to help me with migraine/TMJ relief... a service not offered by my practice at the time. I can truely say that Dr Charlie Kahwagi and his team are exceptional! Their level of expertise, compassion and professionalism is beyond reproach... thanks guys!
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      Tim Santalucia
      Great Service from the moment we walked in the door. We were recommended this dentist and have been really happy with everything including prices !
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      Anonymous Reviewer
      Very professional staff that provided me with alot of information to be able to make an informed decision about my treatment. I'm a very nervous patient and Dr Charlie kept me calm and reassured me the whole time I was having treatment.
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      Review AU
      Around a year ago, my youngest daughter had an appointment to correct a procedure by a prior dental practice that botched a filling. At the time, a staff member said that it should be rectified free of charge by the dentist that did it seeing as only some months had passed and if it had been at this practice, that's what they would have done. Some months later the filling has cracked and started falling out again (its now completely failed now). Guess what, even though this filling (this time) had been done at this practice and it fell out, NO MENTION OF RECTIFICATION AT NO COST was offered and when I stated we just need to take off from where we left off, well that wasn't going to happen obviously. We were given an appoint with a hygienist, at the time but I didn't realise it was only with a hygienist I had been given an appointment with, (I asked to see a dentist). I don't care what people think I should do, I asked to continue where things left off earlier in the year, its not like it was two years ago, its a matter of months..!! I'm not participating in a money making (wasting) exercise and unfortunately my daughter could not return until recently. The hygienist's demeanour bordered accusatory and had obviously made up her mind without considering the child's relevant history. The most antaganising moment of this ordeal is that, 1. It appeared to have been pinned on me for the the state of the dental condition no matter that we have spent $2k over 2 years on her teeth (same issues) & 2. The Hygienist in her infinite wisdom decided why things were the that way which were the way due to several failures in dentistry. The last of which was at this practice. Than has the gaul to get presumptuous with me? Excuse me.! Time to wake up. Time to realise you don't know everything, nor do you always know what you think you know. I have been trying to keep things local to support local businesses but frankly I'm fed up with trying. Lara has some places that are worth using but it's so hit and miss it's madness to try and sort out the good from the not so good, the worth using and the not with risking. SO, even though my eldest daughter's practise is a long travel from home (she grew up in Lara) I'll be travelling to her practise in Melbourne for some good old fashioned professional quality work at a high profile practise. It's what I would suggest others do and should have done in the first place. Lara just doesn't seem to cut it when it comes to healthcare, the kinda's & schools are no better..!!
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