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    • 25/05/2019
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      Luis Pedro Gamoneda Bazán
      Opinión de
      Rwamurangwa Evode
      Very big shopping mall
      Opinión de
      Stephen Woodward
      A mall where everything is available six days a week. I have personally been using los fresnos for more than twenty years and have absolutely no complaints.
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      Alan Hall
      Huge shopping centre in Gijon it has all the standard European shops you see in every shopping centre or city centre. Gym at the top, new shops going in on other levels and on the bottom is a huge Carrefour which tends to be busy at all times of the day. Its also got good, clean loo facilities and plenty of places to get a coffee between shops.
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      Ryan Barr
      Shopping centre with several phone shops, fashion stores and a big carrefour on the ground floor. Quite a few closed stores.
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