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    • 24/10/2018
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      Kevin Harvey
      Unhelpful. As a registered client I receive notices when openings are available. I called hoping to land an appointment since I was experiencing some pain in my jaw. Reception said the opening I received notice about was already taken and no other times were available. I explained my painful situation and she said I'd have to leave a voicemail with the office manager Zoe. Instead I was put on hold for 7 minutes with no pick up. I called back to no answer. 30 minutes later, reception answered and put me through the same hurdles of no voicemail pickup. Finally, the receptionist claimed she'd personally deliver my request for an appointment.6 hours later I received another email notification that there was an opening for a cleaning (automated response). Still haven't heard back from the office manager. I recommend Dr. Oneal Russell whos kind staff were very helpful and made my pain their priority. Turns out I have an impacted wisdom tooth causing gum irritation. Surgery scheduled no thanks to Mayo Dental.
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      Happy Destroyer
      Very good experience! Had some procedures done, staff is very kind and helpful. My favorite dentist for sure!
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      Very professional and patient oriented. Took me in on very short notice after i could not make an appointment with my normal dentist (of years), did a very through exam, cleaning and consultation. Explained that the filling my normal dentist was going to perform was not needed at this time. Really appreciate the service, absolutely recommend Mayo Dental. Will not be going back to my previous dentist as they do not care about the patient and more about the money.
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      Kevin Buter
      I have been going to Mayo Dental for many years now and I have always been very satisfied with my experience there. Dr. Keer is a great dentist who cares for the oral health of her patients. The entire staff is very professional and friendly. I would always recommend Mayo Dental to a friend.
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      Ree B
      The entire staff was extremely professional! I am a first time patient and they gave me the best care. Dr. Keer, Zoe, and Arora are very knowledgeable and gave me a sense of ease at my visit. It's a great office with a great staff! If you are in need of oral care, please don't hesitate to visit Mayo Dental. Visit 6/2/2018
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