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      Desde la profilaxis hasta la prótesis, ofrecemos una gama completa de tratamientos de última generación para mantener tus dientes sanos y bonitos durante toda la vida. Consúltanos.
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    • 27/11/2018
      Opinión de
      simon arianni
      Through the years, I have gone to 4 different dentists, and was referred to Dr. Brumand by a friend for different procedures, which I would not change until he retires. Very professional and organized.
      Opinión de
      Barbara Carlson
      My experience with Dr. Brumand is, in spite of his high ratings, LET THE BUYER BEWARE. The office is clean and modern; the staff is professional, but used a "script" which is learned to separate you from as much of your money as possible. I am a retired doctor and had heard about these types of practices. I went because I had a dull tooth ache, with the referral being given by Delta Dental of California. Dr. Brumand used modern imaging so I could "see" my teeth and their flaws. He recommended I redo four crowns because of various imperfections. He also recommended the more expensive (over $1,200) all-porcelain crown over the porcelain-fused-to-metal crown at $673. I returned to Dr. Brumand after my root canal and questioned whether he couldn't just fill the opening in the crown that was already there. He said he couldn't because there was a risk of "infection". And he seemed disappointed when I chose the porcelain-fused-to-metal option. (A retired dentist friend told me this was much better for back molars because it is stronger.) As I sat in the chair getting numbed up, the receptionist/financial person came in with permission forms to sign and she wanted my credit card for payment right then and there. This seemed strange to me and I refused, promising to not run out without paying. This they would not allow. I left and am so glad I did! I found a better, more ethical dentist who said he could refill the crown (called an inlay) for $150 rather than doing a completely new $673 crown. And he also said the three other crowns were fine and did NOT need replacing at this point in time. I am so glad I walked out. Consider carefully before you walk in.
      Opinión de
      Joe Deleonardo
      Today was my first visit. I got an exam and cleaning. I transferred from another dentist that I was very unhappy with. Aesthetic Dental rocked. Shelby did my teeth cleaning. I can't remember ever having such an amazing job done. I hope she's part owner so she never goes any where. The staff was wonderful and warm. They care about the environment, by being a paperless office. I really can't say enough good things. I went at 11 this morning and what nearly 12 hours later I reminded myself that the visit was so good that it was worth spending the time at 11pm to share my experience.
      Opinión de
      metin kale
      easy to get to, great staff. My only concern is that they seem to have a lot of computer issues, which doesn't reassure me when it comes to keeping my records safe
      Opinión de
      Martha Sanchez
      Modern, friendly and extremely competent office. Instant digital x-rays and in-mouth photos. Gentle dentistry as well as a great hygienist. Dr. Brumand explains every step of the process and does beautiful work.
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