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    • 23/01/2018
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      Faiza Sohail
      Well planned and well executed! Recommended definitely for ORE PART2
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      yan li
      I've taken part in OSCE courses there, the teachers are very well informed, prepared and patient, ready to answer what ever questions you got. They are surely very helpful. From other students recommendation, I booked courses for manikin, . It's quite popular, and those who took part in and passed the exam said the teachers for that courses know the exam criteria very well.
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      Zena Al-ansari
      I thoroughly enjoyed MR Dental 5 days course. It was very informative and covered different aspects of ORE2 Manikan part. Each module of the course was very well designed and provided knowledge in a very effective way. D.Fred and Dr.Anita were very helpful and understanding tutors. They provided us with a lot of practical information and useful tips. This course was so enjoyable and productive. I've learnt so much about what goes into making great preps. I highly recommend it.
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      Nikita Desai
      MR dental is the course to go for, for manikin exercise.I did the 5 day manikin course with them. They explain the requirements of each exercise concisely and pay attention to THE important aspects of each exercise. Dr Anita's friendly demeanour and flawless demonstrations and Dr Fred's critical examination and logical approach prepare you for what the exam is all about! Thank you MR dental!
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      Harshida Dhanak
      Thank you MR.Dental for the excellent course, a MUST for any candidate planning to appear for ORE part2. When i joined i was really depressed not understanding how to go about and manikin for the exam and i would like to say a big thank you to all the staff there and their professionalism. Dr. Fred for giving us the best advices for the exam and he clears all your fears and worries for manikin. His wit and humour keeps you going through the day too. Dr. Anita is another very sweet and amazing tutor. Feel a lot more confident after this course. Thank you once again MR. Dental !
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