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    • 27/07/2019
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      Leopoldo Gomez
      Very elegant and upscale. Food is great. Try faisán lasagna and rigatonis.
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      samuel okoro everest
      Fantastic decor and professional services, but the price is a little too expensive for quality of food...pasta don't cost that much. Pasta is pasta.
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      Maximiliano Valdes
      Food was just ok, service was not great, is a place to see and be seen but not great.
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      Isidora Belić
      The ambience is nice and the music was pleasant. But, the food and the service were not at the highest level. I didn’t understand some dishes (something like rocket-shrimp salad with strawberries), some were nice (like lasagna) and ravioli with oxtail not (too strong flavour). The staff is trying to be kind, but they seem a little distracted and always in a hurry, which honestly made me nervous. All in all, I expected more.
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      Tomer Shenhav
      Perfect decoration. Very nice place to dine. The Italian portions were very good, though the meat wasn't so good (specially not with these prices). The service was actually good, quite fast but with several mistakes. Expensive, but according to the atmosphere.
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