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      Dentista,Odontología general, implantes, ortodoncia, cirugía , prótesis estética fija y removible,reparaciones en menos de 24 horas
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    • 25/06/2019
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      Lompe Torres
      I recommend this place because the results of my teeth are really great and I’m happy with them. They did a great job.
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      Melissa Vasquez
      I got my braces on and I was supposed to have them for 2 years, but I only had them for 1 and a few months. I got my teeth reshaped as well when I got my braces off. I am satisfied with the results after I got my braces off.
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      Herrison Chicas
      I have always been a bit nervous about dentists, especially because of unfavorable past experiences. But unlike my previous dentists, Dentist Salud was top-notch! As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by the friendly, bilingual staff. They worked diligently in contacting my insurance and addressing my questions. The dental hygienists, similarly, were very thorough and efficient with time, which I really appreciated. And of course, Dr. Nuñez (and Dr. Baquero) made me feel comfortable throughout the examination and shared their expert advice on how to keep my smile shining! Truly appreciative of their professionalism and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality, reliable dentist.
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      Neil Vinberg
      I am very happy with the quality of the treatment done by Dr. Nuñez. I didn’t mind the wait because I left with a great smile. It’s a busy place for sure, but their work is amazing. Definitely coming back to continue with my treatment.
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      Christian Voice
      100% worth my trip from NY to see Dr. Nunez. Extremely satisfied and happy with my new smile. Dr. Nunez went above and beyond to fix my smile. Her work is very detailed, she truly cares for her patients. Her staff was a pleasure to interact with. Thank you guys for taking care of me and the time you took to change my smile!!
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