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    • 07/09/2018
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      Armando Hinojosa
      Me han hecho limpiezas, una endodoncia y una extracción. Trabajo excelente y muy profesional!
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      Mario Meza
      Primeramente la ortodoncia que le practicaron a mi esposa estubo mal trabajada le quebraron el diente y cuando fue a chequeo nada mas por tratarse de llevar aseguranza le querian realizar trabrajo sin haberle controlado la infeccion esa clinica era muy buena pero ahora se ve que solo les imposta sacar dinero y no la salud de sus pacientes ojala y el dr. Ernesto quiroga este mas al pendiente de su clinica
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      Charlie Harley
      Opinión de
      Jor Ram
      I highly recommend this place to everyone . Kind , professional staff . Wonderful experience .thanks
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      Martin Rios
      I took my wife to dental Quiroga becarse i got my braces there long time ago had no problem very nice everything in my case BUT this time Doctor Venegas has been doing a terrible terrible job with her, it's been 4 months now,with the braces on, an every month it's a different problem, so disappointed, first month rubber bands not fully in place had to go back but her answer was u could of waited for next month ? With out the rubber bands the braces were cutting the inner lip top and Bottom different places, second month the wire attached to the last tube teeth was too long she cut open the inner cheeck open on both sides on top ? Same answer wait untill next month appointment we waited, third month she didn't change the wire only cut the extra one rubber band not in place and 3 days later fell off and the wire attach to that bracket bump out still attach to the rest only that one bump out which means it was cutting the lower inner lip ? Same answer wait untill next month 4th month she change the lower wire only and didn't connect one side from the bottom all the way to were the tube is in the very last teeth ?she said it was not necessary because there people who doesn't have that tube at the end in the very last teeth , so I don't understand what's the purpose of putting them on if she won't connected to them this time , because all the other time she had, I don't understand the difference this month???????? So guess what happen when bringing her teeth the third day? The rubber bands poped out and the wire came out all the way to the middle teeth the side were she didn't connected to the tube ? She said wait untill next month it was just the third day from the day we went I had to cut it with my tools and I lady very nice lady from there that answer the phone named Irene told us ok good that u did that just put wax that we gave u on the tip of the wire and brackets with out rubber band so it won't hurt we said ? What wax they never gave us nothing ........ Very bad service for something we're are paying full amount we pay full monthly amount and down payment was given at the spot, no favors are giving here no discounts no nothing we just want a good service, I had my brackets done here with a man long time ago but he is no longer there had no complainds I recommended that place to so many people now I want to let u know my wife xperience you decide...........
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