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    • 13/03/2019
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      Slahde Seale
      Terrible hospital. The staff are very unfriendly, and if you struggle to speak Spanish they will not put any effort in to try help you in English. I have been there twice in the past 4 weeks for the same issue and the doctor always just prescribes ibeprufon when it’s clear my situation has gotten worse. They also don’t have any equipment, he used his iPhone as a torch and put a pencil in a latex glove and used that to push my tongue down to examine my throat. Completely pathetic the service one gets from this “private” hospital.
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      m Wa
      The worst hospital I've been to in my life. I came because of a sprain. It wasn't until I started crying that they thought to offer me a wheel chair. Nurses are cold and bark unclear directions at you as if you're bothering them by coming to the hospital. Went to do my MRI and ended up with more pain then when I went in. On top of the fact the guy was twisting my leg, I was the one who had to remind him why I had come and suggest maybe removing my boots for an MRI of my ankle! Would rather cut my leg off then return here.
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      Yuka Y
      The worst hospital I have ever been. I was super sick and I spent 6 hours at least inside of the hospital.
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      Ashraf Eldous
      goood vr
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      Milena Santiago
      Since the merge con Quiron San Camilo in Juan Bravo 39, the level of services decreased tramatically!!!!!! Expats and Foreigners, be aware!!!! If you have an international insurance, they will charge more for a consultation with any specialist than they will charge people with a local insurance!!!!! This happens because the international insurer will pay the Ruber Hospital and the specialist less, and they will compensate by charging you more!!!! My piece of advice, pay privately and get a refund with your insurer or go somewhere else, like Hospital El Rosario. The Hospital Universitario Quiron in Pozuelo is much much better! This is the only place that I Know that for the same consultation, with the same doctor, each patient pays differently. I have never seen this in my life!!!!! Be Aware!!!!!!
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