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      Mejores implantes, estética dental, prótesis fija, prótesis parcial removible.
      implanti v Barcelone, koronki v Barcelone,zubnaya bol v Barcelone,Russkiy stomatolog v barcelone
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    • 31/03/2019
      por Michele Rutigliano
      The man at the till was pretty unpleasant, the soap.was nowhere to be seen in the shower and the steamy room wasn't working properly. Price was 20€, they could be nicer perhaps.
      por ComeFlyWithMe
      This is quite a large sauna close to the centre of Barcelona. The reception is on the ground floor and you go up to the changing areas on the first floor.  The wet area is down at ground floor level again and has a large Jacuzzi and a small steam room and sauna. On the other floors there are various cubicles, video room and dark rooms. I found the staff quite pleasant and helpful and the place is kept clean. Clients are mainly in the age range from late 20’s to 40 or 50 with some older guys.  It is a good idea to try and find a busy period as the place is so large it can be difficult to make contact. I went on a Friday afternoon and there were about 30 people there in total over 3-4 hours I was there.
      por Tim Vlkn
      Everything is a bit older in their from the interior, but during the visit everything was clean and takiung care of. During the week its not as crowded as during the weekends. Open 24 hours, so you can find the right time for you.
      por KENN c
      I went on a Monday daytime and it wasn't busy, but busier than I expected for the day and time. The facilities were good and clean with lots of staff apparent. What few men were there were attractive but there wasn't any action going on, it seemed most guys had used the place to crash the night before or were there to socialize.
      por Jean Metelus
      Most popular sauna in Barcelona. Hottest cruising meeting point in town. If you plan to visit town and get the real exprience on a Sauna, this is the place. All sorts of audience, but mostly young and -35 yrs guys. It´s the prefect after-party plan specially on Friday and Saturday when people go there after a night out.
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