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    • 01/12/2018
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      Church Anna
      Very unprofessional I have asked Dr. Jeffrey Gourdine multiple times ,for the past week, to send my records to a different dentist he said he sent it and the ladies at the new office informed me that he is lying that he has not sent it. I went up there today and made sure he sent it to the right email address and he said it was right so I then asked him to send them to my email since he can seem to get it sent to the other office. He said he would and still has not. He is withholding my dental records from me because I can't afford to get my work done with his office. It is illegal and very unprofessional. I will be contacting the police to find out what I can do about this. I have been nothing but nice and have been treated very poorly.
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      Ashley Guerra
      Very nice staff. I came in with an emergency and needed a flipper and they delivered in 2 hrs. They're very generous I just wish they WOULD BE OPEN ALL WEEK.
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      tank tank
      better than i thought. they know thier stuff and got it all together. my dentist guy is super cool and knowldgeable. got me in on time and was pleasent and timely. thank you smile center of knighsville. good job
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      Ashkåsh Butterflies
      I love it here. Been here for years havent had any problems yet. They treat you as family and knows plus pay attention to all their paitents needs . ?
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      Meronda Roumillat
      I've brought my 15 yr old son here since he was about 4 or 5 yrs old (We moved and then came back home to SC) My 8 yr old son has special needs and also has been coming here since his first tooth! They're so awesome, I gave up my childhood dentist to be their patient too! They're always patient, friendly, understanding, and go above and beyond to ensure the best of care - **Regardless of what insurance you do or do not have** Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, & always has the patients best of instrest in mind!!
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