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    • 28/03/2019
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      abhinav shahrawat
      Studies MSc Environmental sciences. Really good learning experience. New topics covered in the class that are important for most of the population.
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      VijayMilan Math
      One of the oldest centres of learning in Europe, it started with the aim of being a university with many colleges under it,but ended up being a university with it being the only college, hence it is a college as well as a university rolled into one. A guided tour by the students is truly informative. The book of Kells and the library is worth a visit. The Berkeley library is only for the valid card holders and not for any outsider. One gets to see hardly any of the 14000 students, though. So, that image of a place of learning bustling with the activities of students full of curiosity and enthusiasm somehow does not present itself here.
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      Journey Imaged
      Trinity College is a very historic, very active place. Was there when some graduations were taking place so it was quite busy. The grounds are lovely to walk, but it is probably best to do a walking tour for a better understanding.
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      Fergal O'Shea
      Great place to walk around as a tourist. The campus is beautiful, especially down the west end. Be sure to stop off in the museam building, for some stunning marble work. The old library is also worth a look at. It costs money to get in, but well worth it.
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      Looked into some of the classrooms and walked around the campus. Review based on the architecture and campus. Beautiful! The school is doing a good job at maintaining the grounds and old and historical buildings.
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