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    • 29/07/2019
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      Sarah Montroy
      Reading of this history and a recent discovery that I am Iberian. I find all of this very facinating.
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      Jonathan Sexton
      Good little beach and nice shops very close to the water. Awesome spot!
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      Chris Bahonda
      Mehn, this spot is dope both geologically and artisanal, I went there with my colleagues for a field trip and ended up having the best moments of our life, the weather is nice and the view too, you get to appreciate wonders of the world.
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      G L Littleton
      The Iberian Peninsula is the mountainous region that's within the countries of Spain and Portugal. Its history under Muslim and Christian rule is reflected in landmarks like the ornate Moorish Alhambra Place, built on a previous fortress from AD 889 in Granada.
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      Only drove through from Salamanca to Bilbao to get the ferry back to the UK. From what we saw, the area has many beautiful places to visit. We will definitely try and return soon and spend a bit more time here.
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