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    • 19/02/2019
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      Jose Julio Becerril
      Grandes profesionales, pero sobre todo gran calidad como personas. El trato simplemente exquisito... Felicidades a todo el equipo (y en especial a los que me han tratado)... gracias
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      Hui-Lee Ng
      Velez is fantastic and Dr Lozano is a wonderful and professional
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      Lynne Peyton
      I recently had some major treatment at Velez & Lorenzo including extractions, several implants, crowns and a temporary bridge. I was amazed at the technology involved in the assessment and planning of the treatment and the attention to detail. I flew out from Ireland and had surgery over a number of days. Everything is now well healed and I am scheduled to return in 2 months to have the permanent bridge and crowns over the implants. I felt very safe and comfortable in this modern and hi tech facility, with very talented and caring dental specialists, And they do speak English!! Thank you Fernando and Jonny!
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      Dr. Dieter-Alois Brothag
      Great place. Professional people. Experts in Invisalign treatment.
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      Ronald Densley
      Fantastic, the best dentists we have been to in our lives.
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