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    • 02/05/2019
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      Daniel Garcia Arnau
      I have been today for the first time as I was recommended by a friend and he was right: top service and quality. From the receptionists who have guided me and informed me about paperwork, billing and options, to Dr. Cristina who has explained me and recommended me what procedures I should follow and what would be urgent and what would be ok to leave for later, to the director who has greeted me and explained the offers and helped me to find the best and more suitable options for me, all of them have and made me feel like home. And all of it with a big smile and kind words. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a service where you feel you care and you haven’t being lied to. I have absolutely loved the experience. Can’t wait to come back to do a follow up and finish my treatments. Thank you for the experience. ——————————————————- He ido hoy por primera vez después de que un amigo me la recomendara, y tenía razón: calidad y servicio excelente. Desde las chicas de recepción que me han informado y explicado acerca del papeleo, las formas de pago y demás, pasando por la Dra. Cristina, quien me ha explicado y recomendado que tratamiento debería usar, hasta el director que me ha saludado y me ha explicado que ofertas tenían y me ha ayudado a elegir la mejor opción para mis necesidades haciendo cada unos sentir como si estuviera en casa. Y todo ello con una sonrisa en la cara. Recomiendo y recomendare los servicios dentales de esta clínica donde he sentido que han cuidado de mi y han mirado por mi sin sentir que me estaban engañando. Me ha encantado la experiencia y no ha dolido nada. En unos días tengo visita de seguimiento y no puedo esperar a ver como me va a quedar mi nueva sonrisa! Gracias por los servicios!
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      Xiaoyu95 Zhang
      There’s one thing that made me crazy! When I finished the cleaning, and rinsed my mouth, I found the “disposable cup” was so dirty!!!!!! It wasn’t new!!! There was something really grossing sticked to the bottom of the cup.... It should be disposable cup!!! when I found it, it’s too late...... I hope I will be ok after using that grossing cup........
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      Ana Tita
      Avoid avoid avoid! They've mistaken me for a different patient at first visit. Should have known better and not return. I sadly did. For an emergency extraction. The doctor broke half of my neighbouring tooth. He told me absolutely nothing about it after finishing the procedure. I had to find out at home when checking my surgery. Very sad that I will now have another tooth to repair due to negligence. Doctors don't speak to you, don't explain what happens and have very limited English. Later edit: Returned the next day at the clinic to speak to the doctor. He claims not having noticed breaking my tooth. Got screamed at by the girl at the reception when asking that they pay for the reconstruction of my tooth elsewere, because I obviously don't trust them anymore.
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      Lara Lustig
      Best Dentist Experience I had so far. Very professional, dedicated and friendly staff. Deborah is my wonderful dentist, and I am not planning to switch again. She even speaks German in case you need.
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      Irene Cotrina
      I am a patient in this clinic for the last two years. Lots of bad things happened to me during this time, on the dental perspective, thank God. I am writing this otherwise useless information, to make it clear that, as far as the dental care goes, I am not an easy patient. Yet, those trials were made lighter, because of the quality of the care I received. It surely is an establishment that cares and respects his patients. Its biggest asset is surely the personnel. Starting from the ultra polite young ladies in the reception, the dental nurses and finally the doctors. I was amazed at the various dental specialites there are offered these days. Every need is covered by a specialist separately, but also in co-working with the rest. I only happened on polite, smiling and caring doctors. They tried their best with a patient who was a, barely speaking the language, foreigner and who was very very stressed. Fully recommended ?
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