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      Hi Dent su clinica dental en Arrollo de la Miel ha sido creada para que el paciente disfrute de un clima de relajacion, confianza y tranquilidad.
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    • 08/02/2019
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      juan rueda
      Todo un ejemplo de profesionalidad que se ve incrementado por el trato humano y amable de este Doctor. Llevo varios años siendo tratado en esta clínica y he recomendado a muchos de mis familiares y amigos, los cuales se han convertido en clientes incondicionales al comprobar la profesionalidad y buen trato que ofrece esta clínica.
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      Wasii M
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      Ruben Dario
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      Camilo Saudino
      Excelente calidad de trabajo y trato. Me solucionaron el problema muy rapido.
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      Lady Eternal
      terrible experience. dentist took a mould for a night mouth guard in a rushed way. The result was a mouth guard that did not fit, if connected at back it came away from front teeth, if touching front teeth it came away at back. I had to insist several times to point this out. at which point the dentist got very angry and threw me out. threw me out with a full refund. the dental nurse tried to change me for the night guard that didnt fit and wasnt finished. The dental nurse had the ego attitude to give me a nasty look and snear and take 15 mins to proccess my refund even though it was her clinic that cancelled the session. the dentist was still with another client in my appointment time and could have cancelled if the double booking was making him frustrated. that would have been better than the display of drama. a few other things are the clinic is not that clean, dust in the corners, marks in the sinks, calcium build up on the taps and outlets and plug holes. dental nurse was banging drawers loudly clearly looking for something she had lost for at least a couple of minutes, a long time in cabinet banging terms. In the same room i was already lying down on a chair in, with the drawers and cupboards less than 60 cm from my head. bang slide bang scrape slide bang. another person entered the room without knocking, and chatted loudly to the nurse as if i didnt exist. when i looked at them they just ignored me and kept talking. i asked them repeatedly to turn the music down (playing heavy rock) and please could they be a little quiet but they didnt understand me. i ended up feeling quite clautrophobic and just walking outside to get some air for two or three minutes. which appeared to them like some kind of strange thing as they looked at me very odd. this place is not great service, there are so many around, better look elsewhere.
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