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    • 12/02/2019
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      Sven-olaf van Slijpe *Old-Hickory*
      Modern, CLEAN, up to date (private) hospital. Spoken all languages. Minimum waiting. Professional. Prefer this particular hospital above the public hospital. And I still do this after using it for a few years now :-)
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      Jim Coats
      I went to the Benalmadena Vithas Xanit Hospital in a lot of physical pain. The receptionists both spoke good English and after proffering my Spanish private health insurance Caser Seguro card I was quickly dealt with. First I was sent to Triage and was soon diagnosed as having contracted a kidney stone. Although there was no specialist doctor available, it being Saturday, I was given a morphine drip which eased my pain and given prescription medicines which have since kept it away. I have since called Benalmadena Xanit back today, Monday, for an appointment with a specialist and although none was available at Benalmadena, there was an appointment the same day at Xanit Fuengirola in the afternoon where I was satisfactorily diagnosed and attended to promptly by Dr Aguera. This has been my first experience of the Spanish private health service which I hope not to repeat but which reassured me now that I am living here permanently.
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      Dave ramsey
      Just spent 6 days in here while on holiday and was well looked after the staff were friendly and helpful The hospital itself nice and clean Well done to all
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      Frank PJ Nagels
      Pro: Very good hospital with excellent customer care. Very clean and high hygienic standards. Very dedicated, multilingual staff. Accident and emergency department is also very good and very professional. Most doctors do speak English. Con: waiting times to see your desired specialist can be long, sometimes weeks, so book well in advance.
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      linda munro
      My brother had to be rushed into Xanit International hospital as an emergency whilst on holiday last month and spent 2 weeks in intensive care and a further week in a ward before being taken to a hospital at home by air ambulance. The doctors at this hospital saved his life. I cannot praise highly enough the care and treatment he received from all the staff in intensive care and in the ward. They were very attentive and courteous throughout his stay and kept us up to date with his treatment and wellbeing .We had an interpreter called Flora who was very helpful and good at making sure we understood everything that was going on. The hospital was spotlessly clean the cleaners were constantly on site cleaning the rooms and the public areas. Our family will never be able to thank all the staff at this hospital enough for the care they gave to my brother and for saving his life we couldn't have asked for any better care and will be eternally grateful to all the staff who treated him. Thank you all so much.
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